Happily Homemade

Happily Homemade is created by a mother-daughter duo. Esra, and her mother, Meral, have enjoyed sharing meals with friends and family around their table over the years. As they tasted Esra and Meral’s food they believed they should open a restaurant to serve the community. As Esra and Meral started to think where they can start their journey as a bakery, they decided farmers markets would be the best place to connect with the community.

Happily Homemade is passionate about high standards using top quality wholesome ingredients on a daily basis. Happily Homemade’s goal is to make sure their bakery satisfies your craving using basic and natural ingredients.

Happily Homemade products are made from family recipes that have been passed down by grandmother and great grandmother with a contemporary twist added to the mix. Esra and Meral love cooking and believe that Cooking with Love is Food for the Soul.